In August I got the first customer. When LT hits them, they have a meeting scheduled with one of the largest brokerage houses in Sweden. They run along the Falcon design, they are 16 to 17 years old and soon they hope to start a limited company.

– There was a guy from Piteå who started helping me. He wants to send yourself but also asked if I needed help. He is two years older than me and was my mentor when I was between 12 and 14 years. It did not look good at first, but after a year it looked tidy and you were proud, says Max.

     Mattias Holgersson

Then it became websites for friends, studies NTI school in Södertälje. and it was in early 2016 that the idea to live on their knowledge appeared.

– Young people can not do as good a job as adults, I thought. I’ve never had that I’m-best-feeling, but now I have it, says Max.

Self-confidence grew when Max got confirmation from satisfied customers. He particularly remembers one client who said that ”this is the fucking incredible” when he saw what Max performed, a website for Food Master.

– Benjamin has said that I am good and other friends, but when you hear it from people they never met so you understand how good you really are, says Max.

Trosabon Benjamin Hagman Vollert, which is a school friend of Max, stepped in August into the business. He is responsible for customer relations and will handle both the economic and the administrative future. Both Max and Benjamin goes on NTI school in Södertälje.

– The school has meant a lot. Without the school’s help, we had not succeeded in the way we have done. NTI high school is an IT-focused school and they support us very much, says Benjamin.

They were nominated for the Benny Awards 2016 as the year’s young entrepreneurs. There was no prize, but success can be measured in other ways.

– We did not win, but we talked in front of 500 people, and I am extremely scared scene, said Max, who can now say that confidence is at its peak.

Has everything gone very quickly?

– Yes, it has gone so quickly. I do not really understand how fast it went. Leisure is no longer.

Now, will you soon start a limited company?

– Yes, it costs 50 000 in seed capital. We rely on Nyföretagarcentrum and we save money. I do not want to borrow money, but rather work together money – after the New Year may, says Max.