After asking the question several times, we finally decided. We launch Falcon Themes below us. Falcon themes are for you who do not have the time to wait for a tailor-made website built from the ground of Falcon Design. Falcon Themes are ready-made WordPress themes that can be edited anyway, they are like any website, but unique in many ways. We will be the cheapest on the market at launch.

Why? Well, we want to change the market. That is why we started from the very beginning. The prices we take web agencies are overpriced, it often costs as much as a new car for larger companies that can afford to pay that price. Web agencies take greater pricing for larger companies because they know that they can earn a lot of money from having them as a customer. We think we are completely wrong. Therefore, we see all our customers as individuals, regardless of the size of the company, we will always take the same price for all our customers depending on the size of the project. Not the size of the company.

Falcon Themes is, as I said, for you who do not have time to wait 4 weeks for a customized website for the company. There are clear WordPress themes that you order through our webshop. Within 10 minutes, you have the download file at the email address you provided when you ordered the theme.

Then it’s just to launch. The theme will be preinstalled with demo content that you can edit to get faster results. We have made the pages so that it will take no more than 1 week from ordering – launch. We hope you will like this service!

Best regards, Falcon Design